Thursday, 16 June 2011

Summer Fair poster

Hello! Long time no blog! I know I said last time I was going to blog more, and didn't, so this time I shall make no such promises.... I have been very busy of late - it is very hard keeping up a full time job, being a mum, and managing to find the time to be creative too. But sometimes the best way to get myself do something creative is if it's something I volunteer to do to help somebody out, and then I have to be forcibly creative - surprisingly effective! Which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago, when I offered to do the poster for this years summer fair for Wendell Park School, where my son is at nursery. The brief was a circus theme, and they gave me all the wording, then it was up to me.

Here is my effort... It's always strange doing personal design, and takes me a while to get into the swing of it - it's also hard doing something that doesn't sit around for ages on your job list, so you can tweak, re-design, consult your colleagues and eventually come up with something you are vaguely happy with - but there you go, I hope it's OK. It was quite fun to do. And for those of you living in West London - come along and join us! I will be manning the Face Painting stall with a few other parents.

Toodle pip!

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