Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mr Rex

My 4 (and a half, very important!) year old son Dylan LOVES dinosaurs at the moment. We went to our local car boot sale last weekend, and I gave him £2 to spend on whatever he likes. By a stroke of luck there was a sweet boy, who, at around age 13 (at a guess), was selling all his old dinosaur loot. This included lots of plastic dinosaurs, Walking with Dinosaurs DVD and book, two other dinosaur encyclopedias, and various other dinosaur themed bits and bobs. Dylan already has quite a large collection of plastic dinosaurs, mostly collected from other car boot sales, but, well, a boy can never have too many plastic dinosaurs (as any fule kno)!
So in the end he bought 5 plastic dinosaurs - 4 for 50p each, with an extra one thrown in, with kindness. As we walked back home, with his arms full of his new dino pals, he explained to me in his charming four-and-a-half-year-old way, the reasons behind his purchasing: 'Because I love toy dinosaurs, and a dinosaur video (for some reason he's very retro in calling DVDs videos) might be too grown up for me, and I might find it scary'.  bless 'im! Looking out for himself, in case he get's scared!

So I felt inspired to have a go at creating a T-Rex character. As you can see, I was trying out different emotions and expressions. You might also spot I had a bit of difficulty with the legs. More practice I think. These were done in pen and ink. I might pick one or two out and colour them up. If anyone wants to suggest their favourite, I'd love to hear what they are, and then perhaps I could colour them up...