Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Moved to Tumblr

Hello! Thanks for visiting. I have now moved to tumblr.

See you there! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Winter Fair Poster

Hello! Long time no blog! Life rather gets in the way of this blog, but I have been up to quite a bit creatively, and will pop bits and bobs of it up here over the next few weeks. Here is the first...
It's the Winter Fair poster for my son's school. I've volunteered to do the 'design' for the PTA. I wish I could do more, but working full time, I'm left with little extra time. Anyhoo, so helping with the design (posters etc) seemed the best way to help.
I did the whole thing using Inkpad on the iPad, which is a brill vector app which I've been using a lot since I got my new iPad *sigh, how I love my new ipad*
So that's it for now. Toodleoo!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Potato printing with Dylan

Last Saturday morning, my husband and I were enjoying leisurely breakfast in bed, while our son Dylan had some good old fashioned Saturday morning kids TV enjoyment. So we munched on toast and sipped coffee, feeling lovely and relaxed, me having flashbacks to my own childhood, watching Going
Live while slurping cereal, on our tiny tv - oh the enjoyment of that - anyhow, I digress... CBeebies was drifting into our bedroom, which is next to the sitting room, when suddenly Dylan ran into the room. DYLAN: do we have sponges!? MUMMY: yes! D: do we have paper!? M: yes D: do we have paint!? M: yes D: can we do printing like Mister Maker!? M: um, well, yes, I suppose so... So a sleepy mummy drags herself out of bed, makes herself a coffee, and do you know? We had a marvelous time! We ended up doing potato prints, as I couldn't find sponges after all. But it was fun to remember the enjoyment that can be got out of the simple potato print. And as usual I stayed on doing a few extra, when Dyl lost interest and started throwing his dinos round the kitchen (one of his favourite games, of which I recently asked him: what exactly is the point of that game? To which he replied: To make noise! Of course!)

Here are some of mine. I had a go at some patterns, as I'm doing a book at work with lots of patterns in and having sone quite a bit of research for it have been feeling inspired to try some out. I might even try again sometime...

And here is Dylan's. As you can see, he got a bit bored of printing and started "smoodging"!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year! I started the New Year feeling a bit wiped, but full of resolutions of renewal, improvement and revitalised creativity. As usual I have many, multiple and numerous resolutions. Some I may stick with, some may just be an interesting way to start the year that tails off, but what's wrong with that hey?

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mr Rex

My 4 (and a half, very important!) year old son Dylan LOVES dinosaurs at the moment. We went to our local car boot sale last weekend, and I gave him £2 to spend on whatever he likes. By a stroke of luck there was a sweet boy, who, at around age 13 (at a guess), was selling all his old dinosaur loot. This included lots of plastic dinosaurs, Walking with Dinosaurs DVD and book, two other dinosaur encyclopedias, and various other dinosaur themed bits and bobs. Dylan already has quite a large collection of plastic dinosaurs, mostly collected from other car boot sales, but, well, a boy can never have too many plastic dinosaurs (as any fule kno)!
So in the end he bought 5 plastic dinosaurs - 4 for 50p each, with an extra one thrown in, with kindness. As we walked back home, with his arms full of his new dino pals, he explained to me in his charming four-and-a-half-year-old way, the reasons behind his purchasing: 'Because I love toy dinosaurs, and a dinosaur video (for some reason he's very retro in calling DVDs videos) might be too grown up for me, and I might find it scary'.  bless 'im! Looking out for himself, in case he get's scared!

So I felt inspired to have a go at creating a T-Rex character. As you can see, I was trying out different emotions and expressions. You might also spot I had a bit of difficulty with the legs. More practice I think. These were done in pen and ink. I might pick one or two out and colour them up. If anyone wants to suggest their favourite, I'd love to hear what they are, and then perhaps I could colour them up...


Friday, 8 July 2011

Tinkered lion...raaaarrrrr!!!

Ok, so I tinkered with the line. What do you think? Better?

The fox and the lion...

The process:

Line drawn with charcoal pencil on paper

Photo taken with phone

Emailed to iPad

Photo lightened, brightened, contrast adjusted in PS Express App on the iPad

Adjusted photo taken into Brushes App and then painted up by yours truly.

Oh the lengths us artists go to!