Thursday, 23 September 2010

some more fine liner stuff...

I've been doing little sketches with my favourite fineliner pen PILOT G-TEC-C4 (ooh look you can buy packs with different colours in - I want!!) in my little watercolour sketch pad. I'm just trying out different characters - which ones show the best character, are most fun, friendly, etc... I want to avoid being too cartoony (which I think I can lean towards sometimes).

My next mission is to actually tackle scenes, which is why Illustration Friday is so good, as having a topic helps you think more in terms of composing a scene, rather than just a sketch of a character... I haven't done anything for IF for the last few weeks as our internet is down at home, and our computer's not set up either, so I can't colour up (which I have been doing on the computer recently). 

Anyway - better go - toodle pip! x

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